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Before plasterboards can be applied W & J Plasterers have to ensure there is a suitable framework in place. Through experience W & J Plasterers have found GypLyner wall lining systems provide a solid framework.


GypLyner - Wall Lining Systems

W & J Plasterers have utillised this method of partitioning on many projects as Gyplyner wall lining systems are suilable for all types of buildings, including residential, healthcare and commercial and are approved for use in Hospitals by the Department of Health. W & J Plasterers favor this method of partitioning as there are a range of options to match individual requirements. Gyplyner wall lining systems achieve high levels of sound insulation and 30/120 minutes fire reststance to BS and EN standards. W & J Plasterers are confident that Gyplyner wall lining systems strength and robustnes will give an excellent base on which to apply plasterboard and ultimately the best finish possible as the metal framework will not twist, warp or rot as timber frame may.



Having a suitable frame work in place, whether that be timber frame or metal studding, the area is then ready for plasterboard which can be applied using two methods.

  1. Screwed, typically to ceilings and partition walls.
  2. Applied with dry wall adhesive (Dry lining or Dot and Dab). Dry wall adhesive bonds the boards directly to bare bricks.

Other internal finishes include Rendering and Browning. On brick and stone walls render may be applied instead of plasterboard, this can then be skimmed over to achieve the final finish.


The final coat or top coat of plaster is the most important. This coat is often referred to as a  "Skim" and it can be finished to your requirements, Ultra smooth with sharp corners for a modern home, or if you live in a older property and would like the work to "blend in" the final coat can be left rougher, and often referred to a "cottage finish".















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