Partition Wall Installations

Partition Wall & Ceiling Installation Lancashire

Here at W & J Plasterers we are specialists in partition walling & ceiling installation throughout Lancashire & Cumbria including Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth & Kendal.

Need a partition wall or a suspended ceiling put up in your property or business with no mess and no fuss? We erect partition walls quickly & affordably without comprising on quality & strength. We work both in the domestic & commercial sectors & have a proud reputation for the quality of our workmanship.

We specialise in installations of gypall wall C studs, MF ceilings & gyplyner frame & installation of Casoline.

Partition Wall Installation

Partition walls bring a considerable amount to interior spaces, turning open plan caverns into functional workspaces & cost-effective control of heating, air conditioning & noise.

Partition walls are used to divide a room into two separate rooms or areas.

This could be used for adding en-suites or even an office space to your home and so can add value to your property while making it more versatile.

Partition walls are well-crafted & insulated to provide excellent efficiency in keeping the heat in as well as keeping the room well sound proofed.

Suspended Ceiling Installation

People having new kitchens & bathrooms fitted often have a suspended ceiling fitted to install featured such as extractor fans & down lights.

Suspended ceilings have become one of the most important aspects of interior design within buildings today. The spaces where we work, relax, study or spend leisure all need to be designed with the right levels of acoustics and lighting to create healthy environment.

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External Rendering

W & J Plasterers have experience in applying all forms of external render. There are four main types of finish outlined below. Each has its own unique look which is useful when trying to blend new render/dash with existing buildings.

Internal Plastering

Before plasterboards can be applied W & J Plasterers have to ensure there is a suitable framework in place. Through experience, W & J Plasterers have found GypLyner wall lining systems provide a solid framework.